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1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza and LOTS OF EXTRA PARTS!





This car has a 140 HP inline 6 cylinder engine.  The Transmission is a 4 Speed and the rear differential is a NON posi unit.  I say this because I lifted the rear end of the car up and turned one of the wheels and the other wheel spun in the opposite direction.  I bought this car as a parts car with another car.  I was going to take the engine, glass bumpers, stainless and other parts and get rid of the body.  I decided that it would be a shame to scrap the body since it is a 66 Monza.  I didnít use the car because I already had two other cars that I had already started on.

I have never started this car but the previous owner said it ran until the harmonic balancer slid apart (outside ring from inner) and started rubbing against the oil filter.  I have pictures of the harmonic balancer in contact with the filter below.  They said they parked it because it made a terrible sound.  Before that it was a daily driver. 


I have the TITLE on the car and it is currently in NON OPERATIONAL status in California. 


When I got the car most everything was taken apart.  The drive train, suspension and body shell was the only things that were in place.  I have put the door panels on the car, they look pretty good, but the cardboard that supports them has been torn around the mounting points by a careless person at some point in history. 


All the seats and seatbelts are there but the upholstery needs work.  The drivers seat is in very poor condition and is unbolted from the car.  The passenger and rear seat are presentable but the passenger seat has split and the rear has some tears.  The floor boards are solid and the trunk is not rusted through, though rusty.  Right now it is covered in oil from parts being stored in it.


The glass is all there!  The side windows and the rear window are in great condition.  The windshield has some tint or something on it or in it and it is delaminating.  The body needs paint and bodywork.  There is some rust on the lower parts of the body and looks like minor rust around the windows.  Normal Corvair stuff.  I have knocked out the rust in the front fender right in front of the drivers side door.  I know there is some Bondo in the rear passenger side fender near the back of the car because it is chipping out.  The dash has been cut at some point to mount speakers in it.  They fortunately did not mess up the Corsa dash by cutting it.  That hole is covered up by the dash.  The passenger side hole in the dash is about 6 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.


The car is not bashed in anywhere.  It does have some dents but nothing big.  I am assuming it was hit on the rear passenger fender before due to the Bondo.


The stainless around the windows is in good shape.  It has not been bent or kinked.  I think it would look great polished.  The trim around the rear panel is there though damaged.  The rear grill is missing.  One of the wheels on the car is painted a blue color and look like a spare.  The tire is too large for it.  The car does roll easily.  It has 4 Corsa wheel covers.




2 140 heads.  One is all cleaned and was going to go into my current engine but one of the bolt holes that shrouding bolts into is stripped.  I used another head.  The other head was in my other engine when it blew.  It needs to be sent to a machine shop and cleaned up.  I was told it could be.


There is too much for me to type.  Shrouds, cam, pan, fuel lines, extra set of 140 carbs, distributor, few alternators, ETC!  Lot of stuff.  Look at the picture.  There is also a complete set of TRW Pistons.  They are not new but where in a sand rail and run on only a few times.  THEY ARE USED.  There is linkage and other stuff as well.  Cant list it all!


Best of all, this stuff is all loaded into the trunk of the car!  So when it sells, tow it all at once! 


The car dollies under the wheels do NOT GO WITH THIS AUCTION!